Zion National Park

So, every year for New Year's we take a road trip to a National Park. It’s definitely one of our best and favorite traditions!
This year we went to Zion National Park! I’m not quite sure why, but Zion was actually not on the top of my list for destination locations, but it was a national park and it was relatively close, so we decided to go. As always,  I was wrong. Zion is absolutely spectacular! So many Beautiful sites and easy little hikes to do.  It’s fun to just explore with no particular destination in mind.  Beautiful sights, breathtaking mountainscapes, and cute little deer and mountain goats, are all things you’ll see along the way.
 None of the restaurants in the area were exceptional by any means, but out of the few that we tried, Meme’s Cafe was definitely our favorite.  One of the staff members even gave us directions to a pretty secluded and beautiful trail off the beaten path. It was pretty fun.
 If you prefer a more planned trip, there are plenty of designated hiking trails that you can take. We just chose a more impromptu take to our adventure, and wandered through Zion looking for beautiful sites :).