The Sweatshirt I Never Want To Live Without

This sweatshirt…my goodness. It's probably my favorite article of clothing I own. 
It's the kind that you want to grab every single day out of your closet, but you have to remind yourself that you wore it yesterday so you probably shouldn't wear it again. 
I've had it for seven months, washed it tons of times, and it just seems to get better and better. Every time I wear it , I get so many compliments, people asking me where it’s from.
It's just the best!

My Jeans are from Madewell. (Just know if I'm wearing jeans in any of my posts, they are most likely from Madewell.  Their jeans are my fav.)

The booties are Michael Kors. I’ve shot dozens of weddings, spending hours and hours on my feet  in these shoes. So if you're wondering if they're comfy, the answer is yes. :)

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