Perfect Summer Sandals from Zappos

Sponsored by Zappos

Summer is coming and I realized that I can’t wear clogs every day : ). So I need to add to my shoe collection. I was looking for a pair that was cute and convenient. So I ordered these shoes from Zappos. I got them in white and tan because I couldn’t decide between them 💕.  These Sbicca Huarache sandals are perfect. The soft, woven leather and open-toe design is light and comfortable. I’ve worn them every day this week!

 I absolutely love having a comfortable pair of leather sandals that look good with everything and are easy to slip on. I ordered these Sbicca shoes from Zappos, the selection was so large and I received free two day shipping as I’m a Zappos rewards member! You can sign up to be a Zappos rewards member here! I loved how quickly they came and the quality of the Sbicca sandals is amazing!

I definitely feel like I will be wearing these all summer long! 

Sbicca Jared


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